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Dear Ryan,

My scores are as below:
Listening – 9.0
Reading – 8.5
Writing – 8.0
Speaking – 7.5
Overall – 8.5

Two months prior to the exam, I started following all the instructions you provide, especially for the writing tasks.  These have indeed helped me as is evident from my scores.

The work you are doing is indeed noble and highly appreciated by students worldwide.

Srividiya (India)

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-Ainhoa (Spain)
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-Salma (UAE)
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Hi Ryan,

A pleasant day to you.

I am proud to say I got an overall band 8 in my General IELTS exam held last July 10. Given just less than a month to prepare, I went through your tutorials which helped me a lot to achieve my grade. I am so grateful for your wonderful work, endless effort & advice in helping IELTS students. More power to you and all the best.


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