Audio Lessons

Ciara's got to get it on...

Ciara's got to get it on...

Let’s listen to the chorus of Ciara’s song 1, 2 Step:

Rock it, don't stop it,
Everybody get on the floor,
Wake the party up,
We about to get it on,
(Let me see ya'll)
1,2 step,
(I love it when ya'll)
1,2 step
1,2 step,
We about to get it on,
This beat is

Now let’s read the lyrics together.

Here, the singer sings ‘get on the floor’.  ‘on the floor’ means to dance.  So here, the singer is telling everybody to dance.

Sometime in English, people say ‘get it on’.  ‘Get it on’ has many, many meanings in English.  In many contexts, it refers to fighting, kissing or making love.  But generally, ‘get it on’ means to start something.  Here, the singer is talking about starting a party.  ‘We about to get it on’ means ‘we are about to start a party’.  Also, the singer does not say the word ‘are’.  In slang English, many people drop some words.

The singer also says ‘ya’ll’.  In English, ‘ya’ll’ means ‘you all’ and is usually used in the southern parts of the United States.  Many hip hop artists use ‘ya’ll’ when they talk to a group of people.

Now let’s listen to the clip again…

OK, now you try.  You need to decide when to use ‘get on the floor’ or ‘get it on’ in the following sentences.

For example, you will hear:

I feel like dancing.  Come’on, let’s __________.

You will say:

I feel like dancing.  Come’on, let’s get on the floor.

Question 1
Last night, I saw two guys at the bar fighting!  They __________ for about 10 minutes before the police broke it up

Question 2
Last night, I couldn’t __________.  There were too many people dancing!

Question 3
I am going to __________ for 10 minutes or so.  But it is way to hot to dance.