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Don't get in Alicia Keys' way

Don't get in Alicia Keys' way


Last year, Alicia Keys released a very popular song called 'No One'.  Let's listen to the chorus.

No one, no one, no one

Can get in the way of what I'm feeling

No one, no one, no one

Can get in the way of what I

feel for you, you, you

Can get in the way of what I

feel for you

Let's read the lyrics together.

In this chorus, Alicia Keys says 'No one can get in the way'.  In English, 'get in the way' means to disturb or interrupt something.  For example, you can use this phrase to describe these things:

I wanted to visit you on Friday, but my hectic work schedule got in the way.
She had planned to graduate last year, but her pregnancy got in the way.
My baby brother always gets in the way when I try to do my homework.

Alicia Keys also uses the phrase 'no one'.  'No one' is often confused with 'anyone'.  Let's look at the difference.

In English, 'no one' is used in positive sentences.  For example:

No one came to the party.

'Anyone' is used in negative sentences and questions.  For example:

The wasn't anyone at the party.


Was anyone at the party?

It is impossible to use 'no one' in a negative sentence:

There wasn't no one at the party. (incorrect)

Now, you try.  Please listen to the following sentences.  When you hear the ___________ sound, say whether the answer is 'no one' or 'anyone'.

Question 1
I heard __________ was at school today.  Is that true?

Question 2
Hasn't __________ in the room met Conor Higgins before?

Question 3
I do not think __________ would care to hear another one of your lies!